C/ Aguacate 41
Edificio 3, portal B, 3º 3ª
28054 Madrid.
Tel: 34 659 216 939


Avda. Castell de Barberà 10
08210 Barberà del Vallès.
Tel: 34 659 216 939

End-of-Building Certification in Madrid

The project involves the implementation of the new offices of this company in Madrid.

In the date of this report, the works related to the equipment of the offices have been completed, in which the necessary partitions were constructed and conditioned the resulting enclosure according to the functionality and necessity of the project.

Our client requests from Decibel Ingenieros the necessary acoustic consultancy through in situ acoustic measurements and to determine if, once the work is completed, the acoustic comfort and protection requirements of the property are obtained and in case the evaluation is negative, expose the problems that impede the achievement of these objectives.

The following information and documents have been used in preparing this acoustic assessment:

- Plans of the third floor.

- Definition of the acoustic requirements requested in the project ("Noise Criteria").